Q-SAT (Quality Self-Assessment Tool)

Why use a Quality Self-Assessment Tool?

The IIA Standards 1300 ff. oblige all chief audit executives (CAE) to maintain a quality assurance and improvement program that covers all aspects of the internal audit activity. This program must include an internal ongoing monitoring, periodic internal reviews, and at least once every five years an external assessments.

IIA Switzerland has developed the Q-SAT to facilitate a systematic approach for internal and external quality assessments.

What are the basic ideas of Q-SAT?

  • Q-SAT is designed in accordance with the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and enhances compliance.
  • Q-SAT contains 208 statements, which the reviewers have to comment on. The tool (excel file) enables an easy assessment approach. When necessary the file can be easily extended with furhter criterias.
  • Q-SAT can be used for internal assessements as well as for preparations of external assessments.
  • Q-SAT facilitates the external quality reviewers' understanding of the assessment method and its results.

Q-SAT is given to IIA Switzerland members free of charge.

For all questions concerning Q-SAT please do not hesitate to contact us.