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We offer helpful information and useful documents relating to internal auditing.

We promote the ongoing advancement of our professional field and collaborate with partners on various publications. These and other useful documents relating to internal auditing are available below. They can be downloaded as PDFs and/or ordered as hard copies in our shop.

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IA Magazine

Publication, six times a year (February, April, June, August, October, December)

The online magazine by «the Institute of Internal Auditors, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA».

The new Internal Auditor Magazine is designed for digital consumption and features a clean look, opportunities for comments and interaction, larger fonts and more visuals. It contains articles, blog posts and videos on various topics relating to internal auditing.

The magazine is available for members free of charge here.

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International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing - IPPF

2017 Edition

Principles-based framework for carrying out internal audits.

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Global Internal Audit Standards

The new Global Internal Audit Standards have been published since 9 January 2024 and become effective on 9 January 2025. Early adoption is encouraged.

Applying the standards - Additional resources

Topical Requirements

Topical Requirements, the newest component of the International Professional Practices Framework, will ensure that all internal audit functions – large, small, private, or public – apply consistent audit methodology when assessing the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and controls of a particular topical area.
The use of Topical Requirements will be mandatory when an internal audit function scopes an audit engagement that includes the topic covered.

The IIA has released its first Topical Requirement and would like your feedback.

The Draft Cybersecurity Topical Requirement is available in multiple languages. Take the short survey to provide your comments before 3 July 2024.


Click here for the draft of the Topical Requirement Cybersecurity and the survey

Conformance Readiness Assessment Tool

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Internal Audit Ambition Model (IA AM)

The Internal Audit Ambition Model (IA Model) was developed by the Netherlands branch of the IIA and published in 2018. Applying the Ambition Model makes internal auditing more professional, helps meet the expectations of stakeholder groups and ensures ongoing improvement. In doing so, it increases the overall value of internal auditing contributions.
The tool is the result of a Europe-wide collaborative project and takes the form of an Excel spreadsheet in English, a scorecard and a set of instructions. Zertic NL provides technical support for the tool.

IIA Switzerland pays a licence fee to access the model and makes it available to all corporate members free of charge upon request. Individual and associate members are charged a licence fee of CHF 200.00.

Please send requests for access to the model to IIA Switzerland. The request should include the following information:

Subject: Ambition Model
Details: the company name and the full name, role and email address of the person who would like access to the model.

Zertic will send access to the IA model directly to the user. Please note that access will either be delivered to the CAE or their deputy.


As the head auditor of your company, you can request access to the online tool

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Risk in Focus 2025

The Survey has arrived, and we need your views!
Our annual Risk in Focus survey is now open, and your contribution is vital. 
The new Global Standards, effective from January 2025, now include a requirement for internal audit functions to have a defined strategic long-term plan. This survey analyses the views of CAEs from across Europe on the risk’s organisations are likely to be facing in that time frame, and therefore provides a solid benchmark to assist in this new requirement.

Please note, that the survey is anonymous, takes less than 4 minutes and should be completed only by Chief Audit Executives / Heads of Internal Audit. 

Thank you for sharing your insights and for supporting us to provide thought leadership and guidance to the profession.

Risk in Focus 2024

Led by ECIIA and in collaboration with 16 European internal auditing institutes from 17 countries, we conduct annual surveys and interviews with Chief Audit Executives (CAEs), audit committee chairs and CEOs. The Risk in Focus report reveals key risks for companies and shows how they are developing. These insights help internal auditing departments formulate their auditing plans.

2024 also included, for the first time, a global survey of the current risk environment. The reports from the six regions are available on the IIA Global website. Risk in Focus (

Enquete 2023

Led by Prof. Marc Eulerich from the University of Duisburg-Essen and in collaboration with our partner institutions, the German Institute of Internal Auditors (DIIR) and IIA Austria, we periodically conduct surveys of auditing managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The study serves as a guide for auditing managers and company stakeholders to the current and future trajectory of auditing.

The study is available as a PDF from the secure member area. A bound copy is available from our shop.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Audits within Insurance Firms

The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) recently released the position paper, “Auditing a Digital Insurance World.” The paper explains how AI is transforming the insurance sector by enabling automation, innovation, and risk assessment. It also highlights the ethical and regulatory challenges that AI poses for insurance companies. The text argues that internal audit can play a vital role in providing assurance and advice on how to manage risks and comply with laws related to AI.


Special ‘Internal auditing’ edition

In collaboration with EXPERTsuisse, we publish a special edition of EXPERT FOCUS SPECIAL dedicated to internal auditing every 18 months. The latest edition was published in May 2023.

All magazine articles are available for our members to download free of charge in secure member area area.

Internal Auditing Guidelines

Fourth Edition, April 2021

We have reviewed our Internal Auditing Guidelines in collaboration with the Institute for Accounting, Control and Auditing at the University of St. Gallen. This fourth edition is based on the IPPF (last updated: 2017). Based on the definition of internal auditing and the Code of Ethics, the guidelines explain the principles of the IIA Standards, taking into account the specific context in Switzerland. The guidelines are available in our shop.


Ausgabe 2017

Prinzipienbasiertes Rahmenwerk für die Durchführung von internen Revisionen.

Die gebundene Ausgabe (deutsch oder englisch) bestellen Sie im Shop. 

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Quality Assessment Manual

The QA Manual for internal auditing offers step-by-step modules to help establish and maintain a quality assurance and improvement programme (QAIP). It offers a way for both internal and external assessors to evaluate the quality of an internal audit. The first four chapters are available free of charge; the complete manual is available to order.

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Quality Self-Assessment Tool

2017 Edition

The IIA Standards require audit managers to have a quality assurance and improvement programme in place. This includes carrying out periodical internal and external quality assessments alongside ongoing internal monitoring. IIA Switzerland has developed a Quality Self-Assessment Tool (Q-SAT) for this purpose. It takes the form of an Excel table and is based on the current IPPF and IIA Standards. The Q-SAT contains 208 statements and is designed as a self-assessment tool for evaluating internal auditing quality. It can also be used to prepare for external quality assessments.

The tool is available for our members to download free of charge in the secure member area.

Non-members can purchase the tool from our shop.

IIA Switzerland general meeting

All information and documentation relating to the 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 ordinary general meetings are available for our members to download from the secure member area.

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IIAS Library

Our members have access to a specialised library with resources on topics related to internal auditing.
You can reserve the desired publication(s) by email ( You can find our list of books here.


Lending period

Lending period

Two weeks


In person to the IIAS offices or via post (at your own cost).

Overdue notices

  • You will receive an initial notice 10 days after the return deadline ⇒ No notice fee
  • You will receive a second notice after an additional 10 days ⇒ CHF 10 notice fee
  • You will receive a third, registered notice after an additional 10 days ⇒ CHF 20 notice fee


If an item is damaged or lost, you will be charged the cost of a replacement plus a processing fee of CHF 80 per item.

Shipping costs

  • Basis Packaging charge: CHF 9
  • An additional CHF 10 is charged up to a total weight of 5 kg.
  • An additional CHF 15 is charged up to a total weight of 10 kg.
  • CHF 25 is charged for any additional weight
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Our members can publish their job vacancies on our homepage free of charge for 30 days.
Non-members are charged a flat fee of CHF 500.

Job description Location
Head Auditor Financial Supervision 60 - 70% Aarau View the advert
Head of Internal Audit (f/m), 80-100 Sarnen View the advert
Job description
Head Auditor Financial Supervision 60 - 70%
Head of Internal Audit (f/m), 80-100
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