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About us

IIA Switzerland is a professional association for internal auditing in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The history of the association

IIA Switzerland has played an important role in the development of companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein ever since it was founded in 1980. The association supports its members with a wealth of experience and its drive to continue adapting the field of internal auditing in line with ongoing technological and economic developments. Thanks to its close contact with other professional associations around the world, it is able to observe economic and political developments abroad and draw appropriate conclusions for the field of internal auditing early on.

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Our mission

We represent the interests of internal auditing departments within private, public and mixed ownership companies from a variety of industries and areas. As an association, our aim is to continue advancing our profession, create the best possible framework for those working in the field and make sure our concerns are heard.

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Our vision

We are dedicated to ensuring that internal auditing forms an integral part of good corporate governance.

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Our strategic direction and goals

Advocacy, networking and lobbying

We are Swiss experts in internal auditing and corporate governance more generally.
We are connected to all the relevant stakeholders to represent the interests of our members and increase the prominence of IIA Switzerland and the profession as a whole.
The regulators know us as corporate governance specialists and actively seek us out when necessary.


As an industry association, we are highly professional in every aspect of our presentation and communication.


We communicate actively and swiftly with both our members and stakeholders.


Professional communications: we provide fast, appropriate updates on current developments in the field of internal auditing.


Events: we provide information about our upcoming events and activities.


Channels: we use all available communication channels effectively (incl. social media).


We publish on relevant professional topics on a regular basis.


In-house content: we publish commentaries (our own viewpoints) on current developments, trends and publications relating to internal auditing.


Third-party content: we inform our members about current studies, articles, links, position papers, etc., from the field of research and the IIA world.

Training and further education

We offer high-level, tailor-made training and further education programmes in the area of internal auditing in three languages.


Target audience: we offer courses for beginners, experienced auditors, managers and other relevant stakeholders, e.g. administrative board members.


Industries/sectors: we offer both industry-specific and cross-sector courses.


Topics: we cover standard and current topics relating to internal auditing.


Standards: we are the number-one certified provider of IIA Standards training in Switzerland.


We work with leading academic institutions in the area of internal auditing.


Training and further education: we support promising study programmes (CAS) offered by recognised institutions through advertising, presentations and financial assistance.


Publications: we develop or evaluate topics for joint publications in Switzerland and Europe.

ERFA Groups

We help our ERFA groups organise their events and co-ordinate their content.

Resources for long-term success

We always have sufficient resources (funds, personnel, infrastructure, expertise, etc.) to achieve our goals.

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Our office

Cinzia   Visinoni
Cinzia Visinoni
Sandra  Knecht
Sandra Knecht
Member support and certification
Sandra   Würmli
Sandra Würmli
Training and events
Reto  Gut
Reto Gut
Carmen  Creus
Carmen Creus
Marketing and communication
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Contact Switzerland

The Institute of Internal Auditors Switzerland (IIA Switzerland)
Vulkanstrasse 120
CH-8048 Zürich

Tel.: +41 (0)44 298 34 34
Email:  info(at)

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Our administrative board

The IIAS administrative board always has at least seven members. These are either members or representatives of corporate members. IIAS takes care that different professionally recognised qualifications, industries and language regions are appropriately represented on the administrative board.

Gabrielle Rudolf von Rohr
Finanzkontrolle des Kantons Solothurn, Solothurn Leiterin Interne Revision
Frank Bertisch
Vice Chairman

Coop Genossenschaft
Basel Head Group Internal Audit

Eric-Serge Jeannet
Board member
Eidgenössische Finanzkontrolle, Bern Vice-directeur Contrôle fédéral des finances
Erwin Bucher
Board member
Swiss Life Holding AG, Zürich Head Corporate Internal Audit
Gabriele Guglielmini
Board member
Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino, Bellinzona Responsabile Revisione interna
Isabella Stalder
Board member
PostFinance AG, Bern Leiterin Interne Revision
J. Richard Thomas
Board member
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich Leader Internal Audit Switzerland
Dr. Klaus J. Rapp
Board member
Swisscom AG, Bern,  Head Internal Audit
Luzia Lang
Board member
CSS Versicherung, Luzern Leiterin Interne Revision
Markus K. Mayer
Board member
Nicolas Hamdi
Board member
AMMEGA AG, Zug Head Group Internal Audit
Patrick Borcard
Board member
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne Directeur de l'Audit interne du Group
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Ordinary General Assembly 2023

The Annual General Meeting of 13 June was held successfully. The meeting approved all the proposals of the Board of Directors. Gabrielle Rudolf von Rohr stood for re-election both as a member of the Board and as Chairman of the Board. She was unanimously re-elected to both positions for another two years. We congratulate Gabrielle Rudolf von Rohr and look forward to working with her for the next two years.


The minutes of the General Assembly 2023 and all documents can be found in the protected member area under «Generalversammlung IIAS 2023».

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