Internal Audit After Work Event in Geneva - 06.10.2020

The After Work Event in Geneva will take place on the theme « Culture de l'erreur dans l'entreprise et impact sur les relations entre les organes et l'audit interne ». During this event, we will discuss issues in this context and a keynote speaker will briefly present the challenges of his organization in the face of the culture of error. Register now - space is limited. Please click here to register!

Internal Audit After Work Event in Zurich - 27.10.2020

Take part in our After Work Event with the topic "Datenanalyse ohne Datenschutz – ist das zulässig?". At this event we will discuss exactly these questions and exciting speakers will present two data analyses. Register now - the number of places is limited. "Please click here!

The IIA 2020 International Conference: now completely online

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the International IIA Conference 2020 will be held from November 2-4, 2020, completely virtually. Matching the theme "Cruise Into Internal Audit", you can be there online when experts from all over the world meet, discuss topics that currently influence the profession and exchange ideas - you can also earn up to 17.7 CPE credits. More information here

Enquete 2020: Internal audit is becoming increasingly present in organizations of all sizes

Together with our partner institutions DIIR - Deutsches Institut für Interne Revision e.V. and the IIA Austria - Institut für Interne Revision Österreich, we periodically conduct a survey among audit executives. For more than 20 years, this survey has served as a valuable guideline for the current and future orientation of the audit work for the audit heads and stakeholders of the companies. The current results show that the national and international standards of internal auditing are being applied in more and more organizations. Our members can download the study in the secure member area. Everyone else can find more about it, here.

The new Three Lines Model

The Three Lines of Defense Model of the IIA has been completely revised. The new Three Lines Model can be applied to all organizations and helps you identify structures and processes that are essential for achieving objectives and strengthen governance and risk management. Acquaint yourself with the new model and download your free copy here

Playback a Webinar and earn a CPE

IIA Global launched the Webinar Playback Library to provide IIA members with up-to-the-minute information on today's latest topics from thought leaders in the internal audit industry–directly from your desktop or mobile device. In support of your continuing education, The IIA offers all its members with the flexibility to view previously recorded trainings (playbacks) while earning CPE credit. Find more Information here.

IIA Global OnDemand Training

The IIA’s Global OnDemand Training empowers members and nonmembers to learn at their own pace, at any time, and in any location with an internet connection. The service offers dozens of web-based internal audit courses focused on existing, trending, and cutting-edge topics. New releases are now out on Auditing IT Change Management, Auditing Market Risk, The Role of Internal Audit in Insurance Organizations and in the area of Auditing Culture and Conduct. Mehr dazu hier

Courses and Events

Date Title Seats
25.09.2020 Workshop Ethik für Revisoren Booked out
28.09.2020 Internal Audit Quality Assessment: Performing an Internal or External Review (IIA Accreditation Cours) Available places: 1
30.09.2020 How to define risk evaluation criteria and risk appetite for a company Available places: 9
01.10.2020 Grundlagen zur Prüfung der SAP Finanzbuchhaltung Available places: 4
02.10.2020 Erweiterte Prüfung der SAP Finanzbuchhaltung Available places: 3
06.10.2020 Internal Audit After Work Event Genève Booked out
14.10.2020 Internal control system: key elements, governance and challenges Available places: 8
19.10.2020 CIA Preparation Course 2: Part I Available places: 5
20.10.2020 CIA Preparation Course 2: Part II Available places: 4
21.10.2020 Zukunft Interne Revision -Werkstatt Metakompetenzen erfolgreich ausprägen Available places: 12
26.10.2020 Grundlagen der Internen Revision Kurs 2 Available places: 3
27.10.2020 Internal Audit After Work Event Zürich Booked out
30.10.2020 Maîtriser le risque cyber Available places: 10
03.11.2020 Data Analytics Basics Kurs 3 Booked out
04.11.2020 MS Excel für Revisoren Kurs 3 Available places: 5
04.11.2020 Auditing Governance and strategic risks Available places: 14
05.11.2020 ERFA Bancaire Romand: 76ème Réunion IIA Bancaire Romand Available places: 48
05.11.2020 MS Excel für Revisoren Kurs 4 Available places: 2
09.11.2020 Maîtrise des risques et protection du patrimoine Available places: 10
11.11.2020 Maîtriser la qualité des données Available places: 8
16.11.2020 La place de l'audit et du contrôle interne vis-à-vis du RGPD Available places: 10
16.11.2020 CIA Preparation Course 2: Part III Available places: 4
24.11.2020 Business Continuity Management: building and auditing Available places: 18
30.11.2020 Projekte prüfen aus Sicht der Internen Revision Booked out
03.12.2020 Fraud Risiken und Täter - Ursachen, Identifikation und Bewertung Booked out
03.12.2020 Utiliser la pensée critique pour innover Available places: 9