IIAS Training Program 2022 is out!

The new IIAS Training Program 2022 is available. In it, you will find some proven but above all many new and interesting training courses on current topics related to internal auditing. Visit our website now and secure your place. In the coming year, we will continue to offer the seminars both virtually and in face-to-face classes.You can find the training program as PdF here

European internal audit Insurance Forum, 01.12.2021

ECIIA is organising the first edition of the European internal audit Insurance Forum with the European Insurance Regulator, which will take place on the 1st December 2021. The event will be virtual and free for Chief Audit Executives (and their Deputy) of European Insurance Undertakings. It will be an opportunity to share experiences and common challenges of the internal audit profession in the insurance industry and to network with European peers. Register here.

Webinar "Introduction to the CRMA-Certification", 02.12.2021

The Certificate in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) is the IIA’s global premier risk management certification for risk management assurance professionals and internal auditors. In this free Webinar with auditline on 2 December, we will explain the CRMA exam content and format. We will further provide plenty of space for your questions.

Click here for more Information and registration

IIAS / ACFE: 5th Conference on Ethics & Governance: Let's blow the Whistle

IIA Switzerland and ACFE invite you to the 5th Conference on Ethics & Governance on 15. December 2021 for an exclusive encounter of Europe’s most famous whistleblowers. The conference can be attended exclusively in person or as an on-line Webinar. Members of IIAS can attend at a reduced rate. More information here.

Internal Auditor Magazine: Emerging Leaders 2021

In the October issue of Internal Auditor magazine, the cover story, “Emerging Leaders: 2021,” introduces 15 up-and-coming practitioners who are redefining what it means to be tech-savvy, agile, and well-rounded in today’s Profession. IIAS members can read the magazine online here.

Certificate requirement for seminars from Monday, 13th September 2021

Due to the Federal Council's decision on the 8th of September 2021, we are introducing the certificate requirement as of Monday, 13th of September 2021. With this protective measure, we would like to help stabilize the current situation and offer you an event that is as worry-free as possible. You will find more information here.

IIA Global OnDemand and Webinar Playback Library

New courses are available in the IIA Global OnDemand Training Catalog: e.g. Introduction to agile auditing. In addition there is a new release in the IIA Webinar Playback Library on "Boosting Audit Results with your organizations Big Data 2018" Members can download the presentation from the "Playback" library, giving them the opportunity to complete a certification form to earn one CPE credit per webinar.

Internal Audit Guideline

The 4th edition "Internal Audit Guideline" is now available. For more information, please click here.

National conference takes place in June 2022

The National Conference is now scheduled for June 9 & 10, 2022. Save-the-date. More information will follow.

Courses and Events

Date Title Seats
13.12.2021 Excel in der internen Revision – Datenanalyse mit kleinen und grossen Mengen Available places: 8
02.02.2022 L`audit interne, acteur de la gouvernance Available places: 20
02.02.2022 Utiliser les statistiques pour faciliter l`analyse de données Available places: 20
03.02.2022 Excel in der Internen Revision - aber richtig! Available places: 15
07.02.2022 Control Digitalization Basic - with a focus on Robotic Process Automation & Intelligent Business Process Management Available places: 20
09.02.2022 Internal Audit Services Portfolio Available places: 20
21.02.2022 CIA I Essentials of Internal Auditing: Exam Preparation Training Available places: 10
23.02.2022 Einführung in das Prüfen von Algorithmen Available places: 20
28.02.2022 Grundlagen der Internen Revision Available places: 19
28.02.2022 Fit for IT-Audit für Fachrevisoren: Online Seminar Available places: 20
08.03.2022 CIA II Practice of Internal Auditing: Exam Preparation Training Available places: 12
09.03.2022 Revisionsmarketing & Effektive Kommunikation Available places: 20
09.03.2022 Output Steigerung Zusammenarbeit IT- & Fachrevision Available places: 20
16.03.2022 Kernbotschaften senden - Empfängerorientierte Revisionsberichte Available places: 20
17.03.2022 Risk Management – Einblick und Überblick Available places: 18
22.03.2022 Die Interne Revision wird weiter digitalisiert – Microsoft Power Platform Available places: 15
24.03.2022 Aktuelle Cyber Bedrohungen - Eine Einordnung Available places: 18
29.03.2022 Von «soft law» zu «hard law» - steigende Anforderungen an Prozess- und Projektprüfungen von Nachhaltigkeitsinitiativen Available places: 19
30.03.2022 COSO II Neu ERMF - Neue Risiken - Neues Framework Available places: 20
01.04.2022 Corporate Governance – Grundlagen und Praxisbeispiele Available places: 15
04.04.2022 Die Zukunft prüfen wir anders - Innovationsworkshop digital-analoge Revisionsarbeit Available places: 20
04.04.2022 CIA III Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing: Exam Preparation Training Available places: 12
06.04.2022 Dètecter et prévenir les fraudes Available places: 20
12.04.2022 Cyber Resilience - Eine Einführung in den IKT Minimalstandard Available places: 18
22.04.2022 Internes Kontrollsystem (IKS) - Mehr Wirksamkeit in der Überwachung Available places: 18
05.05.2022 Remote Team Management Available places: 19
05.05.2022 Rollierende Prüfungsplanung – Pflicht oder Kür? Available places: 20
09.05.2022 CRMA - IIA Certificate in Risk Management Assurance: Exam Preparation Training Available places: 12
10.05.2022 Unlocking the value of S/4HANA for compliance and internal controls Available places: 20
12.05.2022 Berichterstattung & Schreiben von Berichten Available places: 15
19.05.2022 Abwehr Social Engineering Risk - Die Revision ist in der Pflicht Available places: 20
19.05.2022 Whistleblowing in the EU and Switzerland – Legal Requirements and Best Practice Available places: 27
25.05.2022 Bausteine des Datenschutzgesetzes - Was müssen die Unternehmen beachten? Available places: 18
31.05.2022 Generation Y & Z - Wer führt eigentlich wen? Available places: 20
23.06.2022 Comprendre la transformation digitale pour l`accompagner our l`auditer Available places: 20
24.06.2022 Betrug und Ethik – Umgang mit der dunklen Seite unseres Verhaltens Available places: 18
06.07.2022 Risk Convergence - Combined Assurance in Audit Practice Available places: 20
12.07.2022 The TCFD: Managing and Disclosing Climate-related Risks and Opportunities Available places: 20
24.08.2022 Environmental and Human Rights Due Diligence: Meeting Regulatory Expectations Available places: 20
30.08.2022 Prüfungen mittels Stichproben und Datenanalyse optimieren – Computer-based training Available places: 11
01.09.2022 Actualités des risques en audit interne et controle interne Available places: 20
05.09.2022 Control Digitalization Advanced Available places: 20
06.09.2022 CIA I Essentials of Internal Auditing: Exam Preparation Training Available places: 12
07.09.2022 Neue CH-Datenschutzgesetzgebung - Stolpersteine für die Unternehmen und die Interne Revision Available places: 18
14.09.2022 Blue Ocean Strategy - Internal-Audit Growth Areas Available places: 19
14.09.2022 Der Digitalisierungsatlas für die Revisionsarbeit Available places: 20
15.09.2022 Besseres Zeitmanagement - neueste Gehirnforschungsergebnisse Available places: 20
19.09.2022 Grundlagen der Internen Revision Available places: 20
20.09.2022 Internal Audit Management Available places: 20
20.09.2022 CIA II Practice of Internal Auditing: Exam Preparation Training Available places: 12
30.09.2022 Workshop Ethik für Revisoren Available places: 20
04.10.2022 Performing an Internal or External Quality Review (IIA Accreditation Course) Available places: 15
05.10.2022 Internal Audit High Performance Teams Available places: 20
07.10.2022 Internal Control System (ICS) – more effectiveness in monitoring Available places: 18
10.10.2022 Datenanalysen mit Excel – funktioniert auch mit grossen Mengen! Available places: 15
18.10.2022 Fraud-Muster identifizieren und beurteilen Available places: 25
18.10.2022 Le controle interne des systèmes d`information Available places: 20
24.10.2022 CIA III Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing: Exam Preparation Training Available places: 12
26.10.2022 Maitriser les risques d`un project informatique Available places: 20
03.11.2022 Risk Management – Einblick und Überblick Available places: 18
07.11.2022 Projekte prüfen aus Sicht der Internen Revision Available places: 20
10.11.2022 Risques liés aux tiers: les bonnes pratiques Available places: 20
18.11.2022 Impact von agilen Vorgehensmethoden auf Projekte und das Internal Audit Available places: 20
22.11.2022 Sustainable Finance: Foundations and Solutions Available places: 19
28.11.2022 Prüfung des Outsourcings Available places: 20
01.12.2022 Einführung in das Prüfen von Algorithmen - Computer-based training Available places: 11
15.12.2022 Cloud Computing – Eine Einführung Available places: 20