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IIA Switzerland

Internal auditing: a key pillar of good corporate governance

Welcome to IIA Switzerland

As a national branch of the IIA, we represent the interests of internal auditing departments within private, public and mixed ownership companies and administrative bodies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Standards for the professional practice of internal auditing

Our professional standards (IIA Standards) define the tasks, powers and responsibilities of internal auditors. They set out clear requirements for approaches and quality assurance processes to ensure the efficacy of internal auditing. Our internationally recognised guidelines are principles-based and can be applied to both large and small-scale audits. Adherence to the Standards is mandatory for IIA Switzerland members. They are recognised both in Switzerland and internationally.

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Obtaining a professional qualification is an essential method for expanding your knowledge and differentiating yourself from fellow practitioners. Whatever your trajectory, we offer a variety of IIA certifications that endorse your skills.

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Training and events

We offer a wide range of training opportunities including various seminars and events focusing on current topics relevant to internal auditing. Benefit from the knowledge of our experts and create your own personal further training or education programme.

ERFA groups

We think it’s important that our members share their experiences and expertise. Our ERFA groups take place in the context of regular meetings and conferences, and are a major platform for professional exchange and networking. Our ERFA groups are divided by industry and language region. You must be a member of IIA Switzerland to join a ERFA group.

About IIA Switzerland

IIA Switzerland is the Swiss branch of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). It is a professional association for internal auditors in Switzerland. Our mission is to continue developing our professional field on an ongoing basis, to provide the best possible framework for our members to practise their profession through attractive education and further training programmes, and to garner the right attention from supervisory boards and management teams.

Über IIA Switzerland

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