CPE Reporting Forms 2018 and Certification Changes

CPE Reporting Forms 2018

  • The CPE 2018 reporting forms are online now.
  • If your certification is currently in the «Inactive (Grace Period)» status, you are requested to fill in the CPE form 2017 first in order to being able to fill in the CPE form 2018.
  • The deadline to comply is 31 December 2018.
  • Login Page CCMS
  • If you do not have access to CCMS, you may ask your credentials here: Forgot your Password?
  • In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to write an email to info(at)svir.ch


CCSA, CFSA, and CGAP Change 2019

  • The CFSA and CGAP certifications will transition to assessment-based certificate programs, effective 1 January 2019.
  • The CCSA will be realigned and integrated within the CRMA program.
  • The previously passed CCSA, CFSA, and CGAP certifications will remain valid and will continue to be supported and recognized by The IIA.
  • Your will find further information on this on the IIA Global’s : Special exams transition


CIA Challenge Exam 2019 for CCSA, CFSA and/or CGAP certifieds by 31 December 2018

Individuals who are actively CCSA, CFSA, and/or CGAP certified by 31 December 2018, but do not hold the CIA certification, may be eligible to obtain the Certified Internal Auditor designation through a CIA Challenge Exam.

The CIA challenge exam is based on gaps between the CCSA, CFSA and CGAP exam syllabi and the 2019 CIA exam syllabi. Candidates who pass the challenge exam will receive the CIA designation.

Apply, register, and schedule the exam: 1 April 2019 through 15 December 2020.

Sit for the exam in English: 1 July 2019 through 31 December 2020.



CIA Exam Syllabi Revisions 2019

  • The updated CIA examination will take effect 1 January 2019, in English only.
  • Candidates will not be required to retake any passed exam parts prior to the syllabi update under the condition that their 4 years’ program eligibility window has not yet expired.

Non-English exams will be released as follows:


  Availability Date

  French and Spanish

  1 June 2019

  German and Turkish

  1 July 2019

  Arabic and Russian

  1 August 2019

  Korean and Portuguese

  1 September 2019

  Chinese Traditional and Japanese

  1 October 2019

  Chinese Simplified

  December 2019 or Early 2020


 Access more information about the upcoming CIA exam syllabi changes.

Impressions National Conference Crans Montana

Thank you to all speakers and sponsors for their valuable contribution and to all participants for coming. We are looking back on 2 inspiring variable days in an extraordinary scenery.

Find here some impressions of the National Conference

New Training Program 2018 available

We are pleased to present the IIAS 2018 training and development program. The environment of internal auditor's is evolving, so are the training needs. With this in mind, we have again expanded the range of training offered. In particular, we focused on security aspects, cyber risks, GRC and other relevant topics for internal Auditors.

Training Program 2018 PDF Version