Internal Audits with Public Mandate

Target group

The ERFA Group serves the exchange of experience between internal auditors with a public mandate. It includes auditors from the Federal Administration, the cantons, the cities, from companies with a public mandate such as universities, hospitals and foundations.


The primary objectives of the ERFA Group are the exchange of experience and further training. We meet annually for a conference on a current topic. The ERFA Group is professionally advised by a Sounding Board. Its members are proven experts from the field of auditing. As the ERFA Group, we can also position ourselves on current topics.

Acitivities 2023



4th May 2023yearly Conference





Exchange with the Professional Association of Financial Controls

The head of the ERFA Group exchanges information and coordinates with the working group on training and further education of the Professional Association of Financial Controls of German-speaking Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Auditors from institutions with a public mandate can participate in the seminars organized by the professional association. The announcement and registration for these seminars is made through the professional association.

Contact Person:

Regula Durrer

Head of the ERFA Group «Interne Revisionen mit öffentlichem Auftrag»

Swiss Federal Audit Office

Phone: +41-58-463-1052

E-Mail: regula.durrer(at)

Contact person for the conference:

Alessandro Manferdini

Phone: +41-58-461-4496

Mob: +41-79-244-9791

Swiss Federal Audit Office

E-mail: alessandro.manferdini(at)