About us

The Institute of Internal Auditing Switzerland (IIAS) combines the Internal Auditing departments of the most important private and public companies as well as public administrations in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Since its foundation (SVIR) in 1980, the IIAS has always been open to individual persons working in Internal Auditing. We also welcome organizations that deliver Internal Auditing as a professional service to their clients.

Our experiences and common endeavor to adapt the profession of Internal Auditing to the changes in technology and the economy as a whole allow us to make an important contribution to the further development of organizations in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Thanks to permanent contact to international professional organizations many economic developments can be observed. Therefore, we are in a position to early draw conclusions for the future practice of Internal Auditing.

Mission Statement of IIAS

The Institute of Internal Auditing Switzerland (IIAS), as the national institute of the IIA Inc., is the Swiss Association of the Internal Auditing profession. The IIAS delivers first-class services in the practice development as well as in the professional education of Internal Auditors. Furthermore, we take care of favorable economic conditions for the professional practice of our members and support the necessary attention of companies' boards and management.

Our Vision

We contribute significantly to ensuring that internal audit is an integral part of good corporate governance.

Strategic direction and Goals

Advocacy, networking and lobbying

We are the competent contact in Switzerland for Internal Audit in particular and for Corporate Governance issues in a broader sense. We are networked with all relevant stakeholders to represent the interests of our members and to raise the profile of the IIAS and the profession. Regulators know us as corporate governance specialists and approach us proactively when needed.

Communication / Brand

We maintain active and timely communication with our members and our stakeholders.

  1. Professional communication: We communicate current developments in internal auditing in a timely manner appropriate to the target audience.
  2. Events: We regularly promote our upcoming activities.
  3. Channels: We use the communication channels available to us in an impact-oriented manner (incl. social media).


As a professional association, we demonstrate the highest level of business professionalism in every aspect of appearance and communication.


We publish frequently and regularly on topics relevant to the field.

  1. Internal publication: We comment on (form an opinion on) current events, trends, publications on internal audit.
  2. External publication: We provide current studies, articles, links, position papers, etc. from research, from the IIA world, etc. to our members.

Education and Training

We offer high quality and customized training and education opportunities for internal auditors in 3 languages.

  1. Target Audience: we offer courses for beginners, experienced auditors and managers, as well as other relevant stakeholders, such as boards of directors, etc.
  2. Industries / Sectors: We offer industry-specific as well as cross-industry courses.
  3. Topics: We cover standard and current internal audit topics.
  4. Standards Coverage: We remain THE recognized provider of IIA standards training in Switzerland.

ERFA Groups

We support the ERFA groups in managing their events and help to coordinate the content of the specialist topics.

Research / Science

We collaborate with leading academic institutions in the field of Internal Audit.

  1. Education and training: We support promising courses (CAS) from recognized institutions by means of advertising, lectures as well as financially.
  2. Publications: We set or review topics for joint publications in Switzerland and Europe.

Resources for sustainable success

We always have sufficient resources (financial, manpower, infrastructure, know-how etc.) to achieve our goals.


Institute of Internal Auditing Switzerland (IIAS)
Vulkanstrasse 120
CH-8048 Zurich

Phone   +41 (0)44 298 34 34