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Datum 19.05.2022


Widely reported recent whistleblowing cases in companies like Facebook, Wirecard or DWS show the growing importance of the topic across nations and industries. Whistleblowers very often provide important early warning indicators for misconduct and systemic failures in companies.

In order to empower employees to become whistleblowers and benefit of the early warning indicators they provide, it is absolutely crucial for companies to implement an effective whistleblowing framework. Only within an effective whistleblowing framework, employees will report the problems they see, and companies will be in a position to timely address these problems and take appropriate measures to avoid or mitigate financial and/or reputational risks and damages.

Join this seminar to learn more about the elements of an effective whistleblowing framework, your potential role in an effective whistleblowing framework as well as the legal requirements and best practice to implement, run and audit an effective whistleblowing framework.

Seminar content:

  • Introduction to Whistleblowing
  • Elements of a Whistleblowing Framework
  • EU Whistleblowing Directive
  • Situation in Switzerland
  • Implementation Guide
  • Practical Tips and Q&A


  • Younger employees entry-level audit
  • Experienced Auditors, Senior Auditors with professional experience
  • Chief Audit Executives, Audit Managers


Peter Braun

Dauer 19.05.2022 (08:30 - 12:00)
Standort ExpertSuisse Campus, Zurich
Stauffacherstrasse 1
8004 Zürich
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