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Datum 06.09.2022 bis 08.09.2022


This seminar prepares the participants for the CIA exam part I. This course allows the participants to:

  • Reinforce CIA part 1 content knowledge
  • Rehearse through sample questions
  • Review your CIA preparation status and plan
  • Discuss exam strategy and topics with peers

This training is additionally enriched by the following services:

  • A rehearsal and overview session for German-speaking participants
  • Two times a one-hour online Q&A session after the training (the dates will be agreed with the participants during the course).

Seminar contents:

Introduction to the CIA exam

  • Foundations of Internal Auditing
  • Independence and Objectivity
  • Proficiency and Due Professional Care
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement Program
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Control
  • Fraud Risks

Sample questions, discussion, and Q&A


  • Younger employees entry-level audit
  • Experienced Auditors, Senior Auditors with professional Experienced Auditors, Senior Auditors with professional experience


To achieve the best learning effect, participants should have looked through a CIA Learning System for Part 1 prior to the training. Exam success requires additional self-study.


Dr. Ulrich Hahn

Dauer 1 Tag & 2 x 1/2 Tag
06.09.2022 (08:45 - 17:15)
07.09.2022 (08:45 - 12:15)
08.09.2022 (08:45 - 12:15)
14 CPE

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Nicht-Mitglieder: CHF 900.00
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