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Datum 07.06.2021 bis 10.06.2021

Seminar objectives:

This workshop is an intensive training of communication competencies as required in a modern internal audit function and comprises relevant theory, practical applications, and critical reflection. Participants will gain a unique combination of theoretical knowledge, relevant practical applications in internal auditing, and internal audit expert knowledge. The course is divided into 3 online modules of 4 hours each and a one-day in-class session.

Seminar contents:

Online Module:

Module 1:

Introduction into effective communication, consolidation of this knowledge with practical examples from internal auditing with a focus on behavioral theory and related constructs such as motivation, personality, perception.

Module 2:

Extension of the foundations with aspects of learning theory, trust/justice and specific requirements of typical internal audit stakeholders. Key aspects of effective internal audit report writing are trained with the help of the practitioner’s model “From Insight to Influence.”

Module 3:

Increasing the competency of handling communication tools: English language, communication technologies, especially e-mailing. This module will consider also the specific communication challenges of virtual work in pandemic times.

In-class day:

Modules 4 & 5:

Focus is on handling resistance and communication barriers as well as jointly discussing related case-studies. Increases the ability to present ideas with telling effect, introduces practitioners’ guidelines for effective presentations. The workshop will be completed by jointly discussing case-studies of internal audit presentations.


  • Internal Audit beginners, younger employees
  • Experienced Auditors, Senior Auditors with professional experience


  • None

Speaker: Dr. Philipp Wilhelm

Dauer 07.06.-09.06.2021 (08:30h - 12:30h) & 10.06.2021 (09:00h -17:00h)
Standort IIAS or virtually
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Preis Member: CHF 1'490.--
Non-Member: CHF 1'690.--
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