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Datum 01.09.2021

Seminar objectives:

Internal audit teams are increasingly confronted with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). Increasing the adaptability of an internal audit team is a sustainable answer to these challenges. The scientifically validated Adaptability Quotient (AQ) allows to objectively measure and increase the adaptability of internal auditors and internal audit teams.

This leadership seminar has the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding the importance of adaptability, agility, and learning aptitude
  • Interpreting the 16 scientifically validated measures of adaptability
  • Measuring the adaptability quotient (AQ) of one’s own internal audit team and evaluating the results at the individual and team level
  • Deducing individual action points to increase team adaptability

The course will be conducted in two half-days with a break between to give enough time for the online assessments of the adaptability quotient (AQ) of the internal audit team. The online assessments for performing the test can be purchased at a reduced price of CHF 40 per unit.

Seminar contents:

Seminar part 1: Introduction AQ

  • Future skills and competences of internal auditors
  • Adaptability, agility, and learning aptitude as new core competencies in internal audit
  • The adaptability quotient (AQ) and its underlying statistical model
  • Difference between AQ, emotional intelligence (EQ), and general intelligence (IQ)
  • Preparation of the online AQ assessment in one’s own internal audit team

Seminar part 2: Workshop for evaluating the AQ Team Report; Coaching by the instructor

  • Interpretation of the AQ team report in small workgroups with short individual coaching bursts by the instructor
  • Influence factors at individual and team/corporate level to sustainably increase the adaptability of one’s own internal audit team


  • Chief Audit Executives, Audit


  • None

Speaker: Dr. Philipp Wilhelm, certified AQ Foundation Practitioner and Pioneer Partner

Dauer 01.09.2021: 08.30-12.00 (1/2 day)
22.09.2021: 13.00-17.00 (1/2 day)
Standort Holiday Inn Zürich Messe
Wallisellenstrasse 48
8050 Zürich
Max. Teilnehmeranzahl 15 Verfügbare Plätze: 15
Preis Member: CHF 750.--
Non-Member: CHF 950.--
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