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Datum 30.09.2020

A risk evaluation corresponding to the company and the determination of the risk appetite are the core elements of any effective risk management. This seminar enables you to identify challenges and opportunities linked to having appropriate risk evaluation criteria and appetite defined. You will also get introduced to the concept of risk appetite and understand its added value. Furthermore, you will learn possible ways of defining risk appetite. Important note: This course addresses risk management aspects from a transversal point of view; it does not focus on any specific domain of activity. The course assumes participants have already a basic knowledge of risk management and its terminology.

Course topics

  • International standards
  • Risk evaluation criteria: definitions and added value
  • Likelihood, impact and risk matrix
  • Risk appetite, capacity and tolerance: added value, examples and approaches
  • Practical exercises on risk evaluation criteria and risk appetite

Course Instructor Fabrizio Balda

Dauer 30. September 2020
Standort Holiday Inn Zürich Messe
Wallisellenstrasse 48
8050 Zürich
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